Q1: What makes a business a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)?
A1: A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) must have a service disabled veteran ownership ratio of at least 51%. Some government contracts are awarded on the basis of service disabled veteran ownership.

Q2: What is an NSN?
A2: NSN stands for national stock number. National stock numbers have been catalog by the federal government in its supply system. Assaultline is one of our most frequently ordered items in part because BlueWater has undergone extensive testing with Assaultline in partnership with the USMC. After an approval process, the USMC cataloged the 600 foot black Assaultline with an NSN. It was also added to several field and technical manuals including: Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques (HRST) Operations (MSRP 3-11.3A), and Principal Technical Characteristics and Components List of Helicopter Rope Suspension Equipment (TM 72101A-14).

Q3: What is the GSA Logo?
A3: The GSA Logo signifies that APEXX Gear holds a GSA MAS Schedule Contract with the federal government enabling federal buyers to purchase most of our goods from our GSA MAS Schedule Contract with our established discounts.

Q4: What is the DOD Emall logo?
A4: The DOD Emall logo indicates that APEXX has a DOD Emall contract enabling government agencies to order our goods through DOD Emall. DOD Emall is a government web based portal that networks approved government vendors with government purchasing agents. The order interface is an e-commerce shopping cart.

Q5: Do you have a store or chain of stores?
A5: We are a web based retailer, distributor, government vendor and contract holder. Online orders are shipped domestically. We can ship to international clients who can wire payment.  

Q6: Why do you only ship to USPS orders on Fridays and why does it cost more?
A6: Due to the limitations of postal packaging and online pick up services we have to drop off our orders at the post office. We consolidate our orders using the postal service for one drop off per week. Experience has taught us that the cost of USPS shipping is higher and delivery is less dependable than other carriers such as UPS.

Q7: Is it better to request UPS as the freight carrier?
A7: If your destination address is not a PO Box or a large shipment requiring motor freight, yes.

Q8: How is your website laid out?
A8: Our website forms separate Tactical, Fire/Rescue and Recreational stores. No matter where you are browsing, you can continue shopping and load your cart before checking out.

Q9: What downloads do you load on the download page?
A9: Catalogs, brochures, technical bulletins, product usage information, sale flyers, coupons etc….