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Spec Pak

Model: *Y90
Manufacturer: Yates Gear

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Certification MADE IN THE USA
Certification Manufactured by an ISO 9001:2000 registered Quality System Compa
Availability: 1-3 Weeks
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Patient packaging and extrication system combines the backboard immobilization of a short board with the suspension and support of a full body harness. The Spec Pak system utilizes an integrated polyethylene board along the back to reduce wear and create a smooth sliding surface for confined space operations. Grab handles located at the head and on sides allows rescuers to better handle the patient package during movement through tight spaces. Extremely useful for any confined space operation where a vertical environment is encountered. In addition, the Pak system is a lifting harness, thus eliminating the need for a separate victim harness. Unique self-adjusting (sliding) cervical restraint eliminates the problems associated with lifting patients vertically while secured to a rigid backboard. Spec Pak is only intended as a limited spinal immobilization system. It must be used in conjunction with proper spinal immobilization such as the use of a cervical collar where conditions and protocols dictate. Designed by Spec Rescue International and Yates Gear Inc. Weight 15 lbs.

  • Meets ANSI/OSHA Class III harness standards
  • NFPA 1983/2001 ed. certification in process


Intrinsically Safe Spec Pak
Lighter weight version with all aluminum/stainless steel hardware. Meets intrinsically safe requirements for confined space explosive environments. Weight 14.5 lbs.

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