Aztek Pulleys
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Aztek Pulleys

Model: RXP41
Manufacturer: Rock Exotica

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Certification CE LOGO
Certification NFPA 1983/2006 Edition Standards
Certification MADE IN THE USA
Certification NFPA 1983/2006 edition standards
Availability: 1-3 Weeks
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The Aztek system was developed in Arizona based Ropes that Rescue Ltd rigging programs around the world. These, configured as "set-of-fours" (double blocks) will enable the rescue practitioner greater versatility in a personal mechanical advantage (PMA) for rescue and general rigging. The swivel Omni pulleys (blocks) are hewn from a solid block of high strength aluminum and are engineered to withstand over 8,000 lbs (36kN) of tensile force end to end. Turn the set-of-fours one way and you have a 5:1 mechanical advantage. Turn it around and a 4:1 w/change of direction is the result, making this PMA extremely versatile. One quick pin is sold with each set of blocks.

Generally, 2 Aztek Pulleys would be used together with 1 Rope Cover and 1 Quick Release Pin 1/4".

As a set of 2 Pulleys, 1 pin, 1 cover
Pins and covers sold individually

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