Dyneema Tricam Set, Sizes 0.5-2.0
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Dyneema Tricam Set, Sizes 0.5-2.0

Model: 1055
Manufacturer: CAMP USA

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Certification Manufactured by an ISO 9001:2000 registered Quality System Compa
Availability: 1-3 Weeks
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NOW STANDARD WITH COLORED WEBBING! Anodized Dyneema Tricams are stronger and lighter than their classic predecessors. Sold prepacked for a discount. Available in sizes 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 only. Since their introduction to the market over twenty years ago, tricams have been a standard on American trad racks. Their unique design allows them to be used passively and actively in a variety of nonconventional placements.

  • Size 0.5 (pink): 29 g, 11 kN cammed, 6 kN chocked, 16-28 mm range
  • Size 1.0 (red): 35 g, 11 kN cammed, 8 kN chocked, 20-30 mm range
  • Size 1.5 (brown): 49 g, 22 kN cammed, 12 kN chocked, 26-38 mm range
  • Size 2.0 (purple): 55 g, 22 kN cammed, 12 kN chocked, 29-41 mm range
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